About us

who are we ?

Yosr CO. was founded in 2009 and is a 100% Saudi company with a highly experienced workforce.
We are a capable company , technically qualified, looked forward and fully committed to customer satisfaction.
The company is divided into four main sectors:
Trade – Industry – General Contracting – Security & Safety Systems, and we provide expertise, mastery and sincerity to each of these sectors.

Our vision

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards the company and our customers, and we are committed to it as firmly as we are aware of the principles of work and the values that we set up years ago, which contributed to guiding all our decisions and actions towards the best. We work together with our employees as one team that responsible for implementing our strategic goals, and we acknowledge our commitment towards our clients in Yosr Company (For Trade – Industry – General Contracting – Security & Safety Systems)

Our Mission

We believe that our continued success depends heavily on the effective contribution of our employees. This requires us to employ people with high qualifications and competencies who will contribute to the growth of the company. It is also necessary to keep them motivated to work and provide training and development programs.

Our goals

To continue to develop and improve our services and to provide the best environmental control solutions and systems of high efficiency and we are committed to search for the most environmentally friendly components and use in all our products and follow the best specifications and standards in the processes of supply and installation that do not cause damage to our environment.

Executive Director Message

Providing quality solutions to protect lives, property and systems while providing exceptional value to clients, a difficult equation but we make full use of our potential, capabilities and systems to achieve this. We maintain and ensure that all fire prevention systems are at your facility by providing annual service and maintenance contracts and applying highly quality standards to help us assess all potential risks.

Eng. / Khaled Ibrahim